VW Apprentices Unveil 400 HP Wagon Concept at Wörthersee

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again, when the idyllic quietude of lake Wörth’s shores is shattered by crazy Europeans and their many, many GTIs.

And to celebrate, Volkswagen has let its apprentices off the leash to create two the-only-limit-is-your-imagination concept cars. They are the GTI Aurora and the Golf Estate FighteR.

The cars were built by teams of young apprentices from Wolfsburg and Zwickau.

Since Zwickau is an engine plant, it won’t surprise you to hear that the Estate FighteR makes the most power of the two. Endowed with a 400 hp version of VW’s 2.0-liter turbo. To convey its increased power, the wagon had its wheel arches broadened and is about an inch wider than stock.

Painted in Crystal Silver and Nardo Grey, with Misano Red and Piano Black highlights the car is appropriately unsubtle.

And it won’t just be a showcar. Thanks to the lightbar on top, the Estate FighteR will be used as a safety car at the Sachsenring in Germany.

The GTI Aurora is much more of a technology showcase. With a 3,500 watt sound system, that idyllic silence I mentioned up top won’t just be shattered by engines. And the system, along with vehicle data can be followed from a tablet, allowing for tuning and lap times.

By far the Aurora’s biggest feature, though, is the holograph in its trunk.

“We create a floating image using software algorithms and visual technology components,” says Mark Möller, head of components development. “The system automatically recognises the user’s operating requirements and implements them – making it intuitive and logical to operate.”

And the hologram doesn’t just sit there doing nothing. You can actually operate the sound system through it, which is a world first according to VW.

But it’s not just technology for the Aurora. The GTI still makes 380 hp and uses a 7-speed gearbox. It also features Nardo Gray paint, paired to Deep black Pearl Effect, and Mint Green, a one-off color created for the accents.

“By taking part in the Golf GTI Wörthersee project, our apprentices gain wide-ranging and indeed interdisciplinary technical experience for their later careers,” says Christoph Görtz. “The integration of complex digital applications in the vehicle is of utmost importance, as are keeping to a schedule and maintaining quality standards, coordinating with the specialists involved, presenting their results and finding creative solutions to technical challenges.”

The apprentices involved in this year’s projects were:

GTI Aurora

Automotive mechatronics technicians: Team spokesperson Lorenzo Canu (22), Luca-Fabiano Lesse (22), Claudio Lindner (22), Patrick Marten (21); Automotive paint technicians: Kevin Behnsen (20), Kira Stöhr (19); Automotive interior designers: Estelle Fassonge (20), Lea Radmann (20); Process technician for plastic and rubber technology: Betty Zimberg (19); Technical product designer: Henri Vespermann (21); Technical modeler: Daniel Butz (22); Electronics technicians for automation technology: Jonas Schatz (19), Maximilian Neubauer (24), Jakob Piontek (20), Jasper Sünnemann (19); Media designer: Patrick Münchberg (20); Office management assistants: Dominik Metzig (20), Nicolas Hesse (19).

Estate FighteR

Christian Teufl (22,) Laura Fallgatter (21); Electronics technicians for automation technology: Alec Hoppe (20), Maximilian Vogel (21); Process technicians for coating technology: Marleen Krupp (19), Aileen Langhof (19), Lena Schuster (20); Automotive paint technician: Tobias Poller (19); Automotive technicians: Nico Schille (22), Niclas Hauffe (18), Sebastian Vehlow (22); Industrial technician: Julian Winter (18); Mechatronics technician: Tom Ludewig (19).

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