Watch: The Audi RS5 Sportback Takes on the 911 Carrera S

The RS5 Sportback is a lovely car. It looks good, feels good, and drives good. But the benchmark for performance cars is the 911. So how do they compare on the drag strip?

Well, the cars featured in this video line up really actually. Both make 450 hp, and the RS5 makes 442 lb-ft of torque while the 911 only makes 390 lb-ft. The Porsche also weighs less, though and, well, is Porsche.

What may be most surprising of all, though, is the price gap between the cars. The RS5 starts at $75,000 USD while the 911 Carrera S starts at nearly $115,000.

And while it is faster down the drag strip, the Porsche only beats the Audi by 0.2 seconds and only passes it about halfway through the run.

So although the Porsche’s crown is not lost, we’d argue that the RS5 does remarkably well here.

first published on fourtitude

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