Weird GPS issue on my Mahindra Scorpio-N Z4 post software update

It’s pretty clear from the path that some jitteriness has been introduced in the on board GPS.

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Facing jumpy GPS issues after the recent software update. Previously I was using Google Maps on my phone, so was used to pretty faultless navigation during my trips. After the software update, and while using Android Auto I noticed a lot of beeps/rerouting messages and the vehicle location would jump around while driving. Since no such issue existed while using Maps on the phone without Android Auto, I assumed it was an issue with the vehicle GPS on the Scorpio-N and maybe I didn’t notice the issue since I hadn’t particularly used the in-built Navigation on the car.

After a little bit of digging and looking at the previous trip path on the Adrenox app, it was clear that this is a new issue and the GPS was tracking smoothly before the update. I’ll be getting in touch with the SA and hopefully they will have a solution to the problem. If any one else is facing the same issue, do chime in.Attaching screenshots from Adrenox of me driving the same route before and after the update. It’s pretty clear from the path that some jitteriness has been introduced in the on board GPS.

Here’s what BHPian kumarS had to say on the matter:

It was reported earlier, a few pages back, that onboard GPS is not very accurate, or maybe it’s very sensitive.

I have not updated to the latest software version and have used the inbuilt navigation extensively(Z6). The current location icon jumps to a service road or some perpendicular road for a few seconds and then comes back to the main road where the vehicle is actually located.

I have noticed this pattern only when there are diversions or roads are merging/branching. On the ghat roads, where there were no other roads joining, it was accurate .

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