Why I affectionately call my Thar

It is just a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense, reliable, go-anywhere 4×4 SUV.

BHPian shankar.balan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I regularly joke about my Petrol HT AT Thar – as being my WRONGLER, my cut-price Wrangler et al.

It is indeed my trusty steed and utility lifestyle companion.

On two recent trips to Coorg and back this last couple of weeks including one this weekend I could literally walk over some rather steep muddy slushy and slippery climbs to my friend’s house and the subsequent descent. The incline is about 38 – 40 degrees and is basically a narrow path with tight curves. Full of mud, slush, rocks and some little paving. In the wet, it is quite a climb. I can therefore only say how happy I am with my Thar.

It is just a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense, reliable, go-anywhere tourer. With the underbody protection and the upgraded suspension and the tumble-fold rear-seat modification, it is equally at home taking the curves at highway speeds, hurtling up and down those beautifully banked hill roads, braking without nose-diving and drama and taking on any terrain in more or less any weather. One can literally attack anything fearlessly because it just inspires phenomenal confidence.

No wonder it is such a hit!

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