Why I rejected a Tata Nexon post-PDI and booked a Maruti Brezza instead

This is the second instance where we had to move away from their SUV due to their dealerships.

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TLDR: Dealer tried to push repainted car – didn’t provide details of the damage – we denied taking delivery, yet to get a refund.

My brother had booked Tata Nexon in Mysore and after waiting for 6 months finally received a call confirming that the car has arrived at the dealership. We went to do the PDI – the car was partially washed and was parked in the basement of the showroom building. The basement was lit with a few tube lights. We started the inspection with the help of a phone torch [while simultaneously recording] in SA’s presence. Within no time we noticed slightly uneven rear bumper fitment. SA was saying this is a common issue while bashing Tata for QC issues- soon I started noticing colour shade differences on the rear right door. Mind you this is a White solid-coloured car – probably one of the easiest to panel match after a repaint. The shade of repainted colour was almost like ‘Robin liquid blue’ White while the rest of the car had a much warmer shade of White. When we brought this to SAs notice – he outright denied stating that the car was dirty and one polishing session will fix all of this.

At that moment I mentioned that transit damages do occur and we were interested in knowing the extent of damage and the pictures of the damaged panel before repair. After this, he stopped contesting there was no damage and he called his Lead and PDI manager. Since it was obvious that the panel was repainted, they said they would try to get more information within an hour or so.

In the meantime, as we started looking further, we noticed there was a slight paint smear on the black bumper cladding – visible only when you lift the tailgate. To this SA said he wouldn’t accept this as damage and this was just poor QC from Tata. But as we continued to check, even the rear left quarter panel paint looked freshly repainted[much more pronounced orange peel] – but they had done a far better job on this panel compared to the first.

Even the next day we never received any pics and details on the extent of the damage. We rejected the car and asked them to arrange a different car. The dealership said nope – we would have to take delivery of this car as they had ‘billed’ it already! After giving them an earful, now their stand is they can arrange a new car only after another 3 months wait period. At the latest, my brother has sent them an email asking for a refund of the booking amount in full and they are yet to get back to us on the refund. I’m sure by now the car would have been sold to some other unsuspecting customer in waiting [of course after fixing all faults found in our PDI]. I’ve left out the details about the callous attitude of the staff in this fiasco in the interest of readability. So yes, for dealers it’s no ‘Big Deal’ – they don’t stand to lose anything.

And sadly for Tata, this is the second instance where we had to move away from their product due to their dealerships. In an earlier instance – in Shimoga – the dealership experience made my in-laws switch to Toyota Urban Cruiser [booked/bought from Bangalore]. In both instances, Nexon was their first choice.

PS: We went ahead and booked Brezza VXi Automatic this week in Bangalore.

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