Debate: How Verstappen has become F1’s “worst teammate”

Max Verstappen has displayed stunning form in Formula 1 this year, but are his performances giving Red Bull – which needs four drivers for the two teams it owns – a headache?

Verstappen’s two wins, coupled to Pierre Gasly’s woes in the first half of the season in Red Bull Racing’s second car, means the team has become hugely reliant on Max for points. It will attempt to rectify this by swapping Gasly and Toro Rosso driver Alex Albon for the rest of 2019.

Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell join Glenn Freeman to examine the impact Verstappen has had on Red Bull’s pool of drivers, why he is the “worst teammate on the grid” to have currently, and how the battle for the second seat at the main team for 2020 is shaping up in light of its recent driver change.

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