Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc ready to take some risks in Monaco

Charles Leclerc will start 16th in his home race Sunday.

Charles Leclerc faces a tough day in Sunday’s F1 Monaco Grand Prix after failing to make the cut in the first part of qualifying Saturday; he will start sixteenth in his home race.

Leclerc has been the victim of many Ferrari strategy calls in the 2019 season to date, but Saturday’s decision not to send the Monegasque driver out for a second attempt at improving his time on a rapidly improving Circuit de Monaco may be the most baffling yet.

“I asked whether they were sure. They told me ‘we think we are’. I said, shouldn’t we go out again and yeah,” said Leclerc. “There was no real answer. They thought we would go – I have no idea. I haven’t had any explanations yet in detail but it’s a very difficult one to take.”

The driver himself had missed the FIA weighbridge when entering the pits at the end of his first run, but when asked if this meant that there was not the time to change tires and get him back out in time to complete another lap, Leclerc added, “Actually, there was plenty of time when we went out of the box to go out again so the weighbridge was not the problem.

“We had the fuel to go again and only need to change tires. I need some explanations. I don’t know for now.”

In a car that is vastly superior to those starting around him, Leclerc could normally be hopeful of charging through the order but in Monaco, even a points paying position inside the top 10 seems like an unreachable target unless the weather intervenes.

“Hopefully rain and then there will be a bit of a lottery in there. If it is dry it will be boring. I’ll have to take a lot of risks I think, even risking to crash, but at the end, that’s the only thing we need to try now. To try and be extreme in our overtaking because this is a track where it’s impossible to overtake.”



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