FIA boss wants to eliminate driver aids

Jean Todt has added to his list of suggestions for improving Formula 1.

Earlier, the FIA president said the sport should look into reintroducing refueling, as the cars have become much heavier than in decades past.

“With a lighter car, we could fight harder,” said championship leader Lewis Hamilton when asked about Todt’s proposal.

But Todt has some more suggestions.

“We have to consider the list of all of these driver aids,” the Frenchman is quoted by Brazil’s Globo. “We want more opportunities for a driver to make a mistake. Think about when Michael probably lost the championship in 1998.”

He wants F1 to ban anti-stall systems. He also believes telemetry should be banned, especially with the way it is instantly analyzed by team members back at the factories.

“We want the races to be more unpredictable, and for that, we must get rid of telemetry,” said Todt.

But Hamilton thinks Todt’s best idea is to reintroduce refueling.

“Except for having a lighter car, I don’t think many of those (other suggestions) are going to do much,” he said. “The cars don’t need to be 730 kilos. They just don’t need to be that heavy.”

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