Grosjean crash: Haas F1 driver to remain in hospital overnight

Romain Grosjean will remain in hospital overnight for observation but “feels good” following his crash in Bahrain, according to Haas Formula 1 boss Gunther Steiner.

Grosjean was transferred to hospital following a terrifying crash on the opening lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix that saw his Haas F1 car tear into two parts after hitting the barrier at Turn 3.

Grosjean was able to escape the wreckage despite a large fire being sparked and the monocoque being embedded in the guardrail, and was quickly met by medical staff.

Haas said soon after the accident that Grosjean had sustained slight burns to his hands and ankles, and was being taken to hospital with a suspected broken rib.

But Haas said in a statement that Grosjean had no fractures after X-rays were carried out.

The team also said the impact happened at 221km/h. 

Team boss Steiner gave an update following the race to say that he had spoken with Grosjean and he was in good spirits, believing that he had not broken any bones, but revealed the Frenchman would be staying in hospital overnight.

“I just spoke with him on the phone, he’s in a clear state of mind, he’s good,” Steiner said on Sky Sports F1.

“He’s still staying in the hospital overnight, they want to keep him there. But he told me and not the doctor, he feels good, it seems nothing is broken.

“He’s got his hands bandaged from the burns, but otherwise he said he has no burns or nothing. He was very upbeat, I would say, so very happy.”

Steiner said that Grosjean’s physio was quick to get in contact with his wife, updating him on his condition, and that he had spoken to his son in the aftermath of the crash.

“His physio was in contact with his wife straight away,” Steiner said.

“They know each other very well, so he was in contact and they gave him the news. I tried to call, but you can imagine these people are so busy.

“When I called him before, he was on the telephone with his son, I was told, so that’s good. I think it’s all under control.”

Steiner refused to dwell on any possibility of needing to replace Grosjean for the final two races, saying he would be keen to drive so long as he is fit enough to do so.

“Knowing him, he wants to be back, but we’ll see that tomorrow when they take the bandages off because he has no idea what they look like,” Steiner said.

“For me at the moment, the only good thing is, nothing bad happened. For sure it wasn’t good, but he’s safe, he’s healthy.

“The rest we’ll see tomorrow when we speak with the doctors.”

Asked what the back-up plan would be if Grosjean was not fit, Steiner replied: “I don’t want to speak about the back-up plan. The back-up plan is to have Romain in if he’s alright to do it.”

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