Norris ‘lets slip’ McLaren F1 car launch date

McLaren used an innovative way of revealing its 2020 Formula 1 car launch date on Monday – when Lando Norris appeared to accidentally let slip the details.

The young Briton was supposed to be showing fans around the inside of the McLaren Technology Centre on a live YouTube feed, and gatecrashed a meeting that was discussing the launch of the MCL35.

The get-together was taking place in front of a screen showing a graphic of a papaya orange car, with the words ‘Confidential’.

Speaking to the staff involved in the meeting, Norris asked about the launch date for the new car that he and Carlos Sainz will drive in 2020.

“I heard it was on the 13th of February,” he said, before getting some quietly hesitant responses from those involved in the meeting. “It is right..Zak told me it’s on the 13th….”

The live feed was then turned off to add to the mystery about whether or not this was a well planned stunt, or Norris had revealed the details accidentally.

Shortly afterwards, McLaren confirmed the date of its launch, which will take place at the McLaren factory in Woking.

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