Sakhir F1 Grand Prix – Driver ratings

The inaugural Sakhir Grand Prix produced a first-time winner at the 190th attempt, as one driver stole the show but was only rewarded with a ninth place finish.

There’s a case to be made for losing the maximum given he was outqualified by Leclerc’s slower Ferrari, but this is overcome by his superb race recovery to take a shock win. Might have also shouldered some responsibility for the lap one contact, but the stewards blamed Leclerc. Soldiered on with his badly vibrating left front after his early stop and was generally brilliant as the race came to him.  

 We’re being generous and giving back a mark as Ocon’s race was strong, but his qualifying was a disappointment, eliminated in Q2 in 11th. This at least allowed a medium-shod start, which was the key to his race (other than the chunk of fortune Mercedes gave away). Drove well to make the one-stopper work and claim his maiden F1 podium in what has been a trying year at times.  

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