Valtteri Bottas future at the Mercedes F1 team seems even less sure after Hungary

Valtteri Bottas damaged his front wing on the first lap Sunday.

Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas endured a horrible day in Sunday’s Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix – damaging his front wing on lap one and being lapped by teammate and race winner Lewis Hamilton.  With his future set to be decided by Mercedes in the coming weeks, the nightmare may not be over yet.

Mercedes must themselves one question in the weeks between now and the Belgium Grand Prix at the end of the month: Is Valtteri Bottas a strong driver who can deliver consistent race winning performances and become a successor to Hamilton?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be becoming clearer and clearer: No.

Undoubtedly a quick driver and a good number two driver to Hamilton, the time for Mercedes and Bottas to part ways may be coming sooner rather than later with Mercedes previously stating that they would announce a decision on their future line up during the summer break.


Finishing the Hungarian Grand Prix eighth and a lap down after having started second, one place higher than Hamilton, Bottas had the look of a man who knew the writing was on the wall.

“It was tough,” said Bottas. “Not what I expected obviously, far from it, and after the first lap incidents it was a bit of a mess. I knew it was going to be trick and I tried everything I could but that’s how it goes sometimes.

“At turn one I had a lockup. That was my mistake and I was trying to brake as late and hard as I could. I was trying to get to the outside of Max (Verstappen) but just a bit of a nick there on the front right. With the flat spot, I gained a little bit of understeer in the left hand corners so immediately in turn two had some understeer already and that made it tricky for turn three when Lewis came and Charles (Leclerc) came and we had the contact and I lost a big part of front wing.”

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