Gran Turismo Sport May Update Trailer Gives First Look at Goodwood Circuit

Polyphony Digital has revealed the info on the GT Sport game update that lands in a matter of hours. As we revealed earlier this week, it will indeed feature a new-to-franchise track in the shape of Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Not to be confused with the Hillclimb, which featured in GT6, the Motor Circuit is a 2.36-mile ribbon of tarmac that’s also part of the sprawling Goodwood House estate in southern England. A fairly flat track, it plays host to the annual Goodwood Revival every September, where some of the rarest and most expensive classics duke it out.

For GT Sport, Polyphony Digital has seemingly picked a time of year close to that event. In the video below, we get a look at the golden late-summer/early-autumn hues.

Not only will this continue the expansion of GT Sport’s track list, it will mark the digital debut of the Motor Circuit. It should make for a solid location for lower-powered classes, but we can’t help but wonder just how quick something like Hamilton’s 2018 F1 championship winner will be there…

The update lands at the tail end of today (or in the wee hours of tomorrow for those east of the Atlantic). Server maintenance begins at 0400 UTC May 30 (click here to convert to your local time).

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