GT Sport Daily Races: Vintage Venues and a Flowing Fiction

You’ll get to visit some of motorsport’s oldest venues in this week’s GT Sport Daily Races, as well as somewhere a good deal more virtual.

Race A starts the action at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The track originally sprang into life back in 1948 on the perimeter roads around the RAF Westhampnett airbase. Over the years it hosted a variety of motorsport events, up to non-championship rounds of F1, ending in 1966 as cars became too fast for the circuit without modifications. Goodwood now hosts a period-themed celebration of the era each year at the circuit, known as the Goodwood Revival.

There’s nothing in-era about this race however, as players will be taking the mid-engined Renault Sport Clio V6 on a five-lap race around the track. It’s a specially provided car for you this week, so pick a color and get racing.

The location for Race C dates back even further, first hosting events back in 1927 — although you’ll be racing on the Nurburgring’s more modern GP circuit. For this week you’ll need to race your preferred Gr.4, road car-based racer on a nine-lap event around the GP track. Fuel and tire consumption are both in single digits, but at 7x and 8x respectively there will be an obvious difference between the wide variety of layouts in this class.

In the middle we find Race B, which takes you to one of GT Sport‘s new original circuits. Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa is the longer and faster of the two discrete circuits at the Kyoto venue, and its character suits the Gr.3 cars you’ll be using this week. There’s no fuel or tire use concerns, so you can pick up any Gr.3 of your choosing from your garage and pound out your four laps.

These three races will run through to Monday, February 17, when another new set of three will replace them.

Race A

Track: Goodwood Motor Circuit, 4 laps
Car: Renault Sport Clio V6 24v ’00 – Provided Car
Tires: Sports Hard
Start Type: Grid Start
Fuel use: Off
Tire use: Off

Race B

Track: Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa, 4 laps
Car: Gr.3 – Garage Car
Tires: Racing Hard
Start Type: Rolling Start
Fuel use: Off
Tire use: Off

Race C

Track: Nurburgring – GP, 9 laps
Car: Gr.4 – Garage Car
Tires: Racing Hard
Start Type: Rolling Start
Fuel use: 7x
Tire use: 8x

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