Marko tells Vettel he should leave Ferrari

Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, believes Sebastian Vettel should leave Ferrari as he is no longer himself.

Vettel’s woes continued at the British Grand Prix after another mistake led to a crash with Max Verstappen. He would go on to finish a lap down in P16 and is now 100 points behind World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

Marko feels Vettel’s mistakes are coming from him being in the wrong environment at Ferrari and thinks he should change team.

“You make mistakes when you are no longer sure of yourself,” Marko said via Auto Bild.

“It happens in the subconscious.

“Sebastian would have to be in a different environment. In order words, change the team. But I see no way for 2020.”

Red Bull’s team manager, Jonathan Wheatley, has also weighed in by suggesting that Vettel does not receive the unconditional support he requires to succeed.

“Sebastian is a very intelligent, sensitive and warm-hearted man,” Wheatley said about Vettel’s character.

“You can tell by how loving he is to his wife and his children. Or the fantastic speech he delivered in honour of Charlie Whiting at Silverstone.

“He’s not such a tough guy like Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso, who were always able to perform. Sebastian is a driver who has to feel unconditional support.

“He had that with Red Bull. And he probably doesn’t have it at Ferrari.”

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