Pierre Gasly: 'Impossible to explain' Formula 1 thrill

Pierre Gasly says it is “impossible to explain” the thrill he gets from driving a Formula 1 car.

The Red Bull man is starting to find his feet in 2019, but still has some work to do if he wants to join team-mate Max Verstappen and make it a legitimate top six front-runners in Formula 1.

Nico Hulkenberg has been rumoured as a potential replacement for the Frenchman, but Gasly knows what a privilege it is to drive a Formula 1 car and doesn’t take that lightly.

“It’s almost impossible to explain how much pleasure you get from driving a Formula 1 car,” he told Mobil 1 The Grid.

“There are really few people in the world who are lucky enough to drive these cars, and for people who don’t drive them it is difficult to understand the feeling.

“If you describe the adrenaline, speed and the G’z (G-force) you get it is just impossible to understand until they jump in the car, it’s so so fast.”

The 2016 GP2 champion started at the bottom in karting and worked his way through all the categories into Formula 1 – he says it is much more serious for him now, but that suits his personality perfectly.

“I’m of course someone who is really focused, I have a very strong character and I know what I want,” he explained.

“That’s what drives me every day and every morning when I wake up and always think what can I do to improve myself as a driver and to make sure I keep developing myself and always get better.

“But, of course it’s a lot more serious now in Formula 1. It’s a lot more professional that it used to be for me in karting, but it’s still so much pleasure driving these beasts.”

Gasly also insists that the “adrenaline” he gets from the sport can’t be matched by anything else and that he takes his must-win attitude into any scenario, even when “playing football with his friends” or “tennis”.

“The adrenaline you get is just so high when you drive and I can’t get that feeling with anything else,” he stated.

“Going at 350, 360 KPH on some tracks and then the competition with all the drivers and that feeling of trying to push yourself so hard to become the best and beat the others.

“I have this kind of mentality and mindset whatever I do. Whether it’s going and playing football with my friends, PlayStation, tennis, I always feel like I need to be the best and the first one.

“But of course when it comes to Formula 1 it is my world and the feeling of tracks and pushing yourself to beat the others is really something else. I love it.”

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