Ross Brawn 'can't wait to work' with Lewis Hamilton on rules

Ross Brawn has applauded Lewis Hamilton’s commitment to helping shape the sport’s future after the Mercedes driver stated that FIA and Liberty Media need the drivers’ input.

Formula 1 is continuing to debate the regulations for 2021, not only on the technical side but also budgets and sporting rules.

Hamilton wants to have a say, especially in the latter.

Speaking to the media after a boring French GP saw F1 criticised by all quarters, the race winner said he wanted to help Liberty Media and the FIA shape the sport’s future.

The Brit, who attended this month’s crucial FIA summit in Paris, said: “I was in that meeting watching all the bosses of F1 and the FIA and all the Formula One teams and trying to get involved.

“I have nothing to gain by it, I’ve been there, but if there’s anything I can do to help.

“But they’re making all these decisions but never once had a driver’s input in that room, so if that can be the decisive point that helps shift it so the fans can get better racing, I’d be proud to be a part of that.”

Brawn, who previously worked with Hamilton at Mercedes, says he welcomes the five-time World Champion’s input.

He said: “I’m happy Lewis has confirmed his willingness to make his own contribution in the coming months, and we can’t wait to work with him, particularly in each of the three meetings now scheduled.

“We know well that Formula 1 needs to make an important change in direction if it wants to maintain its position as one of the most followed sporting spectacles in the world.

“All of the key stakeholders – ourselves, the FIA and the teams – agree on the objectives and there is broad agreement on the major principles, such as the introduction of the budget cap and a fairer distribution of the revenue, while on the technical aspects we, and the FIA, have worked together with engineers from all the teams.

“It will be great to have an input directly from the drivers.”

He added: “The door for drivers has always been open and it’s a pity that so often in the past this opportunity has not been taken by all the parties, and it is great to see this new initiative.

“To sum up, Lewis, we are delighted with yours and all of the drivers contributions.”

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