The 2019 IMSA at Mosport Live Blog

1:55 remaining: Colin Braun is now in the #54 Nissan DPi. He’ll be in that car to the end of the race, taking it over from team owner Jon Bennett in a rare pro-am pairing in what was designed as an all-pro class.

That car has about a minute and a half to make up to win overall. A full course caution could cut that down very quickly.

2:05 remaining: The first stop cycle begins. A DPi lap here takes about as much time as the pit delta, making these cycles particularly easy to track.

Mazda #55 comes out ahead in the overall battle and boasts two more laps of fuel as well. Acura #6 passes Acura #7 in that cycle, with new driver Dane Cameron now running second for that team.

2:08 remaining: Acura #77 is back to fourth. Nunez got caught up behind the #57 GTD Acura, giving Juan Pablo Montoya a chance to slip to the inside and take third for the #6 DPi Acura.

2:18 remaining: Acura #77, which fell to fifth on the start, is now up to third, and driver Tristan Nunez is now putting significant pressure on Helio Castroneves for second.

2:23 remaining: Ben Keating, driver of the #33 Riley Motorsports Mercedes AMG GT, spun from second in GTD on the opening lap. He now runs 11th in that class with just under two and a half hours remaining.

2:25 remaining: The #86 Meyer Shank Racing Acura and #96 Turner BMW make contact at Moss Corner, the slowest on the track, in the battle for the GTD lead. It was an aggressive move by Shank driver Trent Hindman on Turner’s Robby Foley, but the BMW stays ahead.

2:29 remaining: The #74 Lone Star Racing Mercedes-AMG GTD car and the #50 Juncos Cadillac DPi make contact on turn 2, the fastest corner of the track, but both successfully stop in the runoff and rejoin without issue. That looks like it was the fault of the GTD driver, who got underneath the prototype while it was hunting a chance to pass the #54 Nissan DPi ahead of it.

2:30 remaining: Mazda #55 uses the Turner BMW as a pick and takes the overall lead. An excellent move by Jonathan Bomarito, who now moves the #7 Acura to second. Mazda #77 is back up to fourth.

2:39 remaining: Helio Castroneves, starting today, gets the #7 Acura quickly into the overall lead. Felipe Nasr takes fourth from the #77 Mazda into turn 1.

The #55 Mazda makes a run at the lead at the end of lap 1, but Jonathan Bomarito can’t make the pass stick.

BMW #24 leads GTD after lap one, but the #25 has fallen all the way to fourth. Ford GT #67 and Porsche #911 are now running third and fourth.

The #38 leads the #52 in LMP2, which is, as ever, a two car class.

2:40 remaining: After 30 hours of racing for IMSA’s top teams over the past three weeks, today’s short-form race will be something of a sprint. It’s Acuras and Mazdas in the first four spots on the DPi grid again (With the #7 Acura leading the #55 Mazda, then the #6 Acura and the #77 Mazda all ahead of the first Cadillac, the #31 of Action Express Racing), but the entire class will have to deal with the emergent speed of CORE Autosport’s Nissan, which starts last after a driver change but was fastest of all in qualifying.

GTLM will, surprisingly, be led to the green flag by a BMW 1-2. Those cars struggled mightily at Le Mans, but have been on the back end of competitive throughout the IMSA season. A fast, flowing track like this does them a few favors, though, and both big M8s should be in contention today.

GTD‘s top three at the start will be familiar to anyone that watches that class, with the #96 Turner BMW leading the #33 Mercedes and #86 Acura. Those are, arguably, the three most consistently competitive cars in the class.

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