Firestone Direct Offers Basic Auto Maintenance From Your Driveway

The van with a mobile mechanic comes to you.

Taking your car for service can be a real pain because unless you’re getting a loaner vehicle or have someone with you, then you have to sit around at the shop messing around on your phone until the work is done. The new Firestone Direct service alleviates this issue by bringing the mechanic directly to the vehicle in your driveway.

Firestone Direct covers the types of simple but necessary services that would usually eat up time waiting for a mechanic to do the task on a sunny, Saturday afternoon. The specially outfitted vans have the tools onboard to do jobs like oil changes, swapping out the air filter, working on brakes, replacing batteries, and installing tires. The vehicles even have a vacuum oil collection system to prevent spills. The people performing the work are certified technicians.

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After a year inside because of the pandemic, people are increasingly comfortable with at-home services and ordering things online. Firestone Direct believes it can take advantage of this behavior by attracting customers to having vehicle repairs that can happen without even leaving the house.

The only requirements for the service are having a clean, flat surface and enough clearance for accessing the vehicle. Firestone Direct recommends places like a driveway or even a parking lot.

“By bringing trusted vehicle care featuring the latest automotive technologies directly to the customer, Firestone Direct can leverage the expertise of our trained technicians with the ease of online booking and at-home service for maximum convenience,” program director Angie Oleson said in this announcement.

Firestone Direct is currently only available in Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, and Tampa. The company intends to broaden the offering in the southeastern US and then expand nationwide in 2023.


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