This Russian Knock-Off Tesla CyberTruck Is Built On Top Of A UAZ

Thanks to its simple, boxy proportions, the Tesla CyberTruck might just be the easiest car in motoring history to built a replica of. As such, despite Tesla‘s mad vehicle only be revealed a few weeks ago, someone’s already given it a go.

That ‘someone’ is Russian YouTube channel Garage54. We’re not surprised, and neither should you be. Nor should we be shocked that the team’s knock-off CyberTruck looks incredibly close to the real deal, despite a UAZ of all things being used as a base.

The replica Tesla CyberTruck has been fitted with a longer propshaft (Image via YouTube/Garage54)

And not just any UAZ – this one started off buried in concrete following one of Garage54’s previous stunts. After it was unearthed, the crew lengthened the ladder chassis to give the right wheelbase, removed all the bodywork, and welded a series of tubes in place.

Affixed to these tubes in episode two (an English-dubbed version hasn’t been released yet, but you’ll get the general gist from the auto-generated subtitles) was a series of sheet metal panels, with clear plastic used for the windows.

After an incredible amount of work, we have one fully-functioning replica CyberTruck. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

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