Own a Magnite CVT since a year: Why I feel its an underrated car

Driver seating position and the pedals are super comfortable to drive in the city.

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My wife drives a Magnite Turbo Petrol CVT version. There are a few things that I would like to mention based on the experience with the car for the last one year.

First things first, the value it provides for the money, it is really great VFM car. I really can’t see why people buy a Punch at a higher price than the Magnite. If it is for that 1 star extra safety, I can’t agree as Maruti / Hyundai have cars with 1 or 2 stars that sells more than Tata. A-S-S as well is not better comparing Tata and Nissan. Punch, as such has too many options to choose and if you are looking for a decent package for such a small car one has to shell out more than 10L on road- and its a similar 3 pot petrol AMT. I did multiple test drives of the Punch and had felt the engine is harsh and the ride is no better either.

Now coming to Magnite, some of my observations below:

Driver seating position and the pedals are super comfortable to drive in the city. NVH is not as good as my Vento but certainly much better than a WagonR and is comparable to Tata’s Punch.

I cannot comment on the engine and gearbox in this thread as this is a NA Petrol with AMT thread. Just would make it a point that, at the same price range, the 3 cylinder Turbo Petrol is miles ahead of the Punch’s NA 3 Pot.

The ride comfort is not as bad as what Omkar claims in the review. It is certainly stiffer and not plush. But not bad either. I normally keep the tyre pressure at 32 PSI and not more than that.

Windings roads are not at all a problem. I can say that because I tested this on the 70 hair pin bends to Kolli Hills. Nowhere it reduces your confidence in the corners.

Omkar had stated already all the other positives of Handling, Steering, Braking and Ground Clearance. Coming to the niggles, one has to take breaks in long rides as travelers will feel the fatigue after 3+ hrs of drive. It could be because of stiff suspension and the tyres. But this is how I felt. Some owners reported brake noise. Probably its just a CVT phenomenon. Paint quality is not as good as my Vento. Wipers started making noise within a year. Wireless charging has gone kaput in the first year and waiting for the part to be replaced under warranty.

Overall, I would say, Nissan Magnite is one of the most underrated cars as the negatives are very less compared to the positives for the price you pay.

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