Driver surged to ‘watch out for worrying hazards’ that only happen in autumn

Motorists are being warned to avoid some commonz hazards on the road as we head into autumn.

Commercial vehicle leasing company has advised drivers to stay safe on the roads during the autumn months.

As the nights draw in and weather turns wetter, the company noted that there are more hazards and challenges on the roads.

Tim Alcock, from, highlighted that drivers who spend a few minutes inspecting their vehicle can prevent serious accidents.

He explained: “Now the temperatures have started to drop, and the daylight hours have begun to get shorter, we are urging all drivers to watch out for these hazards that can occur on the roads during the autumn months.

“Motorists should ensure their vehicle is in top condition – checking the fog lights are working, wiper blades are clean and antifreeze levels are correct will help drivers stay safe on the roads.”

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First, warned that drivers should be mindful of the number of leaves which fall on the road during autumn.

Whilst many enjoy the sight of trees turning orange and brown before shedding their leaves, the foliage can build up on the roads, making them particularly slippery in wet weather.

The company reminded motorists to slow down before driving over piles of leaves as they could be hiding further issues like potholes that may cause damage to the car.

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According to the Highway Code, drivers should always double the distance between them and the vehicle ahead to compensate for the longer braking times.

Low sunlight at the start and end of the day could also restrict visibility, with the company highlighting that drivers could be fined for driving in bright conditions without wearing sunglasses.

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Finally, the company warned drivers to always be prepared for situations involving animals, with animals such as deer known for darting out into the road, particularly during the autumn. recommended that drivers should slow down for these animals if it is possible and avoid swerving into an oncoming lane or off the road completely.

The AA also suggested that full-beam headlamps should be used during dark weather to encourage the animal to move off the road but remembering not to blind other road users.

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