Electric car owners encouraged to be considerate to cut public charging times

The EV leasing company DriveElectric has revealed the most efficient ways to use public electric car chargers.

With more drivers making the switch to electric vehicles, demand for public EV chargers has increased considerably, often causing longer wait times.

However, Mike Potter, CEO of DriveElectric, has advised drivers that being considerate to other road users when charging can help to reduce frustration.

He explained: “With electric vehicles becoming the norm, lots of drivers new to electric cars are hitting the road and charging stations.

“There’s a few dos and don’ts that everyone should keep in mind when using a public EV charger, this is why we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know.”

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First, DriveElectric recommended that motorists always charge their vehicle in a safe way by correctly managing the cable.

The company advised that, once the EV is plugged into the charger, any excess cable should be wound up and stored in a safe place to avoid others tripping over it.

Drivers were also reminded to take good care of the cables by placing it in its holder after they have finished charging to avoid grime from getting into the sockets and leave the public charger as they would hope to find it themselves.

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In addition, EV owners should be mindful of others by unplugging the vehicle and moving on as soon as the battery is replenished.

DriveElectric also noted that drivers should only use a public charger to quickly top up their car so they can reach their destination, highlighting that regularly topping up the battery can take longer.

The organisation also highlighted that motorists should always try to charge at off-peak times, when the chargers are in less demand from other road users.

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Finally, DriveElectric noted that, if a charger is occupied with another vehicle, drivers should not unplug it so that they can charge their car.

The company highlighted that this is particularly the case for plug-in hybrid vehicles, stating that they have the right to use the chargers as much as fully electric vehicles do.

However, if a vehicle has evidently finished charging, motorists are permitted to unplug it to start charging their EV, so long as they leave a note explaining why they did so, using polite language.

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