‘I had a £44k Tesla – I sold it after eight months due to a nightmare issue’

A social media user has explained why they have made the switch back to a petrol car after owning a Tesla.

The user, who wished to remain anonymous, posted their problem to the Reddit group r/electricvehicles, in a thread that asked drivers if they regret buying an EV.

In the post, they stated that they grew increasingly frustrated with the inconvenient way they had to charge when at home.

They explained: “I gave up my Tesla Model Y after 8 months and went back to gas [petrol].

“Reasons included living in an apartment and having to hang out at the chargers down the street several times a week, and long 750+ mile road trips to/from the rural Midwest where chargers were 70 miles apart and I had to be very strategic about my energy use each day.”

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Whilst many electric vehicle owners top up their car’s battery by using a home charger, people who live in blocks of flats or park on residential streets can sometimes be problematic.

In the UK, apartment residents are often able to fit an EV charger and can sometimes get a grant to support the installation.

However, doing this is only possible if the resident has a dedicated parking space, with permission from the manager or freeholder of the property.

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Replying to another Reddit user who stated that almost all current electric vehicles can travel over 100 miles per charge, the original poster explained that the figure is not always accurate for real driving conditions.

They continued: “Seventy miles apart is no big deal if you’re just passing through.

“But if you want to visit family for several days around the holidays and the nearest chargers are 35 miles in each direction, it becomes an issue.”

As more electric vehicles join the road network, there are fears that installers of EV chargers, creating an increase in demand.

However, the former-Tesla owner stated that they believed that the charging infrastructure will improve but will continue with a petrol-powered car for the time being.

They added: “Obviously the infrastructure will catch up eventually, but I decided not to be an early adopter after all.”

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