Nigel Farage ‘appalled’ at new ULEZ fees as scheme ‘could have been stopped’

Labour frontbencher suggests ULEZ expansion needs rethinking

Nigel Farage is “appalled” Rishi Sunak did not intervene to stop Sadiq Khan’s new London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) expansion which will hurt petrol and diesel drivers.

The former MEP and Brexit Party leader has been personally affected by the scheme with cameras going in ‘down the road” from his home in Bromley.

Thousands of owners of polluting petrol and diesel drivers living in Outer London regions such as Harrow will be slapped with £12.50 charges per day from today.

This will hit motorists with £87.50 per week or £375 per month charges if they drive their vehicles every day.

Farage has even stressed the new expansion could have been stopped by the Conservatives and Sunak if they enabled a simple rule.

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He told GB News: “When I grew up it was Kent, but we got absorbed by Greater London. We are the furthest point from Central London. The ULEZ cameras are literally going in just down the road right next to my local pub.

“The one that was put up isn’t there anymore but I can’t condone that sort of behaviour.

“Where I live is not a wealthy area, it’s a rural area, it’s not a wealthy area. We might be an extreme example but what about all those people living in Kent and Surrey and Sussex and Essex and Hertfordshire? It’s going to hurt them as well.

“I’m appalled that the Government has not either put in place legislation or used Article 143 of the Local Government Act. This could have been stopped. This could have been stopped but they chose not to do it.”

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Article 142 of the Greater London Authority Act of 1999 clearly states the Transport Secretary can stop plans that are “inconsistent” with national transport policies.

Any scheme can also be stopped if it’s considered the proposal would be “detrimental” to areas outside Greater London.

Khan has offered drivers £2,000 in free grants to scrap their polluting petrol and diesel models.

However, Farage admits local residents have told him this was not enough to replace costly machinery.

He then suggested decision makers were “out of touch” with motorists across the rest of the UK who relied on vehicles to get around.

He added: “Our transport policy is designed by people who live in Central London, don’t own cars and think we should all have a bicycle future. A Beijing future, all on bicycles and constantly surveilled. They are out of touch with the country.

“If the Conservatives were to get it right on behalf of 37 million people who drive in Britain it would be a huge, huge thing for them. But we have to believe them. Not that it’s not just being said for the Mayoral election or the next general election. We have to believe there has been a fundamental change.”

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