The UK’s most hated motorway unveiled with almost half saying same route

How do smart motorways work?

The UK’s most hated motorway has been unveiled with almost half of respondents all in agreement.

British drivers feel London’s M25 is the worst motorway in the country with almost half of those surveyed calling out the busy road.

The London orbital topped a new Express poll with 47 percent of respondents selecting the road as their least favourite.

Express reader @Peregrine Falcon said: “I would have said the M25 personally.”

@Dyanmo David added: “Surely not as bad as the M25 car park.”

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The M6, which runs from Rugby and near Birmingham, Coventry and Stoke, was the second most hated motorway in the nation.

The M62, a transpennine motorway connecting Liverpool via Manchester, Bradford and Leeds, was the third worst road with six percent.

A further six percent also opted for the M1, the UK’s first full-length motorway built back in 1959.

Four percent of 1,230 polled by backed the M4, while there were also votes for the M40, M60 and M8.

Just seven percent of respondents said they didn’t know which route to select.

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The poll comes less than a month after Transport Focus revealed the UK’s least liked motorway in their Strategic Roads User Survey.

However, the two data sets did not find the same result with the Transport Focus poll branding the M6 the worst in the nation.

The M6 earned an overall satisfaction score of 66 percent with the majority of concerns surrounding the time it took to complete journeys.

The M25 was the second worst with a rating of just 67 percent from those taking part in the research.

The road was called out for journey time and road surface quality while almost a quarter claimed they didn’t feel safe on the roads.

Express reader Saoutchik explained: “On the M6, no one can hear you scream.”

However, some who regularly used the route didn’t see the road as a particular problem.

Express reader @MichaelMorgan commented: “The M6 most hated? I use the M6 regularly and seldom have problems driving along it.”

Transport Focus’ study found that the M5 was the UK’s favourite motorway with a satisfaction result of 82 percent.

Drivers praised the route’s safety while journey times were also looked upon favourably.

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