This Homebuilt V8 Supercar Uses The De Tomaso Pantera For Inspiration

The De Tomaso Pantera is Tomas Linden’s dream machine. The classic Italian-American mid-engined sports cars aren’t a common sight, though, especially in Sweden, where he lives. Linden didn’t let a lack of supply stop him and built his own supercar with the Pantera as inspiration.

The car’s shape evokes the original Pantera (see gallery below) but with some notable differences. The pop-up headlights are gone in favor of fixed lamps behind clear covers. A small intake is on the roof. Mesh panels beside the windows provide a peek into the engine bay. Rather than being flat, the decklid features louvered panels that make the powertrain visible from outside the vehicle. A big, oval-shaped exhaust pipe exits out of the bottom of the tail.

Gallery: 1971 De Tomaso Pantera

Linden installs a 32-valve Ford V8 in his Pantera tribute, which makes sense because the original also uses an eight-cylinder engine from the Blue Oval. The powerplant hooks up to a four-speed manual gearbox from a Porsche 930. The inboard rear suspension uses components from a Yamaha R1 motorcycle. He also custom-made the exhaust.

Linden doesn’t specify the horsepower output, but the setup looks like plenty of fun to drive in this video. He even shows off a brief acceleration run. The V8 has the roar of a proper muscle car, too.

Linden uses parts from a variety of cars to put his vehicle together. The door frames and handles come from a Honda Civic. The side mirrors are custom-made from carbon fiber, using molds from an Audi TT. The windshield is out of a 1998 Saab 9-5.

Linden’s car also has a purposeful interior. He installs iPads for the instrument cluster and backup camera. Heavily bolstered seats hug the occupants, and the driver grips a three-spoke steering wheel. One of the cool touches inside is the gated gearshift.

There are just five videos on Linden’s YouTube channel. But, if you happen to know him, let us know. We’d love more information about this impressive, home-built machine, like how long it took him to assemble this vehicle.

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