2 months with the 5th-gen Honda City: 9 points that can be improved

Combined it’s all Pros & Cons its a very good car one should buy if long term peace of mind is the primary criteria.

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Congratulations on the new car purchase. It is a very good car to own for long terms with a long praised and established ownership experience from hundreds of owners in Team Bhp.

I really liked your final decision criteria ‘It’s Honda, what can go wrong’. I too made this decision on 21st August and took the leap to buy the exact same variant in Pune. Felt so good to see this gorgeous-looking machine in pictures & to read the awesome features of the current generation of the city from another buyer’s point of view. this affirms the decision I made while choosing.

  • I have a few additional observations/wishes based on the minimal driving I have done in the past 2 months, these are similar to those reported by other owners:
  • The car ride becomes jerkier between speeds of 30-40 kmph.
  • Tires are definitely skinny, but the lack of traction is only felt on high-speed maneuvers, unless one is in spirited driving mode, skinny tires don’t make any issues for sedate drivers.
  • However, the NVH levels are horrible( compared to my previous car). For this reason alone I would upgrade to softer rubbers of the same size.
  • HU sounds Just fine in my opinion & an upgrade is definitely required. I being an audiophile probably will go for an overhaul of ICE in the coming days. but for a normal listener, the door damping and addition of a regular subwoofer will do the work.
  • Another simple way to improve the listening experience is to play music directly from a USB drive. Honda HU supports FLAC music files which is equivalent to lossless music files. HU sounds much better this way. find music in FLAC format and enjoy the music.
  • The front seats are comfortable, however, I feel the lack of better under-thigh support and adjustable lumbar support.
  • My car came with a wireless charger unit as well. it works well but eats up the front cup storage. so it’s resting in boot space for now.
  • We need a height adjustment passenger seat in India. I feel I am sitting on the floor when my wife is driving.
  • The high beam throw is unimpressive. It hardly illuminates the road in the distance. this is probably due to it being an all-LED unit in the ZX variant. lower variant may report it better which has yellow halogen.

Combined it’s all Pros and cons It’s a very good car one should buy if long-term peace of mind is the primary criteria. if someone is looking for driving pleasure and fun, they can look elsewhere

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