Got wrong challan for helmetless riding: Here’s how I got it cancelled

Fixing this issue seems quite complex and time-consuming.

BHPian raptor_diwan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Recently, I received a second challan for not wearing a helmet while riding my Activa. I always strictly adhere to using a helmet and never ride without one. However, I was surprised when I checked the provided link and saw a picture of a different-colored Activa. The one in the image appeared to be grey, whereas mine is red. This stark contrast leads me to believe there might be some mistake or even the possibility of a forgery, as even the license plate number seems to be incorrect.

The vehicle captured is completely different from mine, and the person seems to be riding without a helmet.

This is the actual colour of my bike:

Additionally, on a similar date, I was out of Chennai as I had traveled to an outstation location. During that time, my vehicle was at home, and this has been captured by the CCTV cameras installed in my residence.

The previous challan was a result of the mechanic taking my vehicle for a test drive after servicing it. Unfortunately, during the test drive, they were caught without wearing a helmet, and this led to a charge on my vehicle. I received an SMS about this incident after two weeks. When I reached out to the mechanic to address the issue, it turned into an argument to determine whose responsibility it was. Notably, the test drive date and the date of vehicle delivery were the same. In contrast, the current situation appears to involve a different problem altogether. It seems to be a case of someone using a fake number plate. This is a more serious issue that requires proper planning and measures to resolve from police team.

I’ve emailed the traffic police team and a few other officials, but I didn’t receive any response so far. Unfortunately, I don’t have much hope that they will resolve the issue even with all this proof. I also tried reaching out on Twitter, but I didn’t receive any response from them on that platform either.

Fixing this issue seems quite complex and time-consuming. Additionally, there isn’t a straightforward way to report mistakes and have them corrected. In the midst of these challenges, the installation of more speed cameras continues, yet it’s not effectively stopping the use of fake license plates. The current approach lacks logic, highlighting the urgent need for a better, well-thought-out plan to address fake number plates and provide solutions for those affected by this problem.

If there isn’t a proper solution in place, many individuals might resort to using fake license plates to avoid getting caught. Nowadays, police often focus less on checking documents and more on capturing picture for violations like crossing lines, riding without a helmet, and speeding using automated cameras. This leniency could encourage people to start using incorrect license plates, given the apparent lack of enforcement.

I emailed “[email protected]” & “[email protected],” and received a call within 3 days. They assured me the problem would be resolved and the challan might be canceled.

Got another call from the police department yesterday. They said the whole thing was a mistake on their end. They’ve sorted it out now by canceling the ticket on my vehicle and giving it to the right person. Plus, they said sorry for the trouble it caused.

It’s pretty cool, actually. They sorted it out in just 5 days after I emailed them. First time I’ve seen government stuff get done so smoothly with just an email.

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