Damaged my new car’s paint whilst removing the sindoor: Now what?

Will simply waxing be enough? Or have I caused more severe damage to my first and brand new car’s paint ?

BHPian vick2002 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I bought my first new car in Australia and my parents are visiting who decided to apply Sindoor (Kumkum) while doing the puja.

That left a yellow stain which I tried to remove by using a toothpaste and toothbrush. Now I know that wasn’t a smart idea but I guess I’m just too dumb to have understood that.

Now the Kumkum mark is gone but there’s a dull smudge like thing around the spot. This is a brand new white corolla cross and I’m looking for advice on what should I do.

Will this be fixed by getting the car polished and waxed? It costs around 350-400 AUD here. Will simply waxing be enough? Or have I caused more severe damage to my first and brand new car’s paint with my sheer foolishness!!

Please have a look at the pictures and advise

Here’s what BHPian Venky03 had to say on the matter:

Toothpaste and toothbrush together act like a very coarse compound, and the damage does not appear to be very severe. You can use Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound and Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish (optional) to fix it. First, buff the smudge with the compound until it disappears. Then, apply the polish for finishing and seal the newly exposed clear coat layer with your preferred wax or sealant.

Looks like a simple touch-up job for a detailer but definitely not worth 350-400 AUD.

Here’s what BHPian flipflop had to say on the matter:

You can get a new car waxed and polished – no harm at all! But I’d suggest you get it done in a few months, that way, the car will be back to looking new and you’ll also get rid of small scratches you may pick up along the way.

If the kumkum is not really visible, let it be for now and polish in a few months! Who knows, the kumkum may bring luck your way and keep the evil eyes away!

Here’s what BHPian Rehaan had to say on the matter:

Choose your poison:

Here’s what BHPian sagarpadaki had to say on the matter:

I suggest you use Meguiars ultimate polish and some elbow grease with a microfiber had pad or Meguiar’s foam applicator. That should be sufficient to bring back the luster in that area of the paint.

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